New single "Beware of God" & news

New single - “ Beware of God”

I’m proud and excited to share my first original song release in many months, “Beware of God,” a reggae-rock mashup influenced by some of my favorite bands, namely Nirvana and the Police.

Download exclusively on Bandcamp, and turn it up loud!

Enjoy my tunes on the Bob Cesca Show

I’m excited to announce that The Bob Cesca show premiered my music on the podcast just a few weeks ago — “Bad Seed” from my LP ‘In Between the Spaces.’ And there’s more to come.

Bob is a super-cool dude who’s directed music videos for Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, and Everclear, to name a few. He’s also written for Salon, HuffPo, and is the managing editor of the Daily Banter.

His show is deeply left leaning and quite funny. Check out “Bad Seed” and the group’s insightful and deeply appreciated commentary around the 48-minute mark.


What’s with the long absence?

I know it’s been a while since my usual rhythm of monthly-ish releases of new singles, but I assure you I’ve been recording a ton of killer new songs for my next LP. The good news is that the pause is because some tunes are being considered for a movie soundtrack. More to come on that as things develop.

My 2 LPs are now on iTunes and Spotify

My 10-song original LPs In Between the Spaces (2017) and last year’s Lost Angeles are now available on these platforms and most others. Links below, or search “Richard Turgeon” on your favorite music streaming platform. And my entire catalog, including last year’s 9 Covers is all on Bandcamp for streaming or purchase.

Buy on iTunes

Stream on Spotify

Free-download 9 Covers

If you haven’t already, I deeply encourage you to free-download my most recent LP, which includes my covers of songs I love by Nirvana, Echosmith, Gin Blossoms, Tom Petty, and more.