Richard Turgeon just keeps on getting better and better... This is the record Matthew Sweet should be putting out... Worthy of repeated listenings.”

– Dennis Pilon, Poprock Record

"Go Deep makes turgeon 3 for 3."

‘Lonely Old Man’… has an Abbey Road-era Beatles vibe to it as well. It’s perfect, dammit. If you’re not yet familiar with the other 2 albums in the trilogy, I suggest you pick those up, too. They’re all highly recommended.”

– Rich Rossi, Powerpop News



- Powerpopaholic and Power Pop News

Best of 2018

Absolute PowerPop

PopRock Record

Power Pop News

Plastico Elastico (Madrid FM)

Power Pop Show (KSCU 103.3 FM Santa Clara)

In Between the Spaces

"There isn’t a bad song on In Between the Spaces... Don’t be surprised if it ends up on this site’s best power pop albums list by year’s end."


"A power pop rock gem."

- SweetSweet Music Blog

"A corker of an album."

"Feels like that '90s U.S. rock heyday, when the lines between power pop and singer/songwriters blurred... Wonderfully anthemic, and Turgeon's guitar playing is top-notch."

- Don Valentine, I Don't Hear a Single

"Uniformly tuneful and hooky." 

- Absolute Powerpop (Highly Recommended rating)

"You can feel the presence of 90's rock in it's prime"

"...like the Foo Fighters met the Beach Boys and invited Pearl Jam and Nirvana to the party. There isn't a song on the album that my feet didn't tap along to."

- Randy Skaggs, Q108 Kingston

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