2019 is going to be awesome

Hey friends,

There’s been a lot of exciting things going on with my music in 2019, and I wanted to share some of that while assuring you, yes, I’ve been working toward a new LP of all-originals that I think will represent my best work ever.

As many of you know, I’ve been in a groove these last two years in terms of releasing new free singles once every month or so as I build toward a new LP. The very best way to keep up with that is to follow me here on Bandcamp (which you are already doing, so thank you!) or by joining my email list (there’s a link on my homepage at www.richardturgeon.com). Liking my Facebook page is also highly encouraged and I would say even mandatory for super-fans.

So first with some news: I recently had a production company reach out about some of my new, unreleased songs being used in their film, which honestly sounds very, very cool based on what I know. I can’t reveal details about it as it’s confidential until it becomes not confidential. What I can say is that it’s a very exciting opportunity.

So how does this affect our relationship? Well, I’m holding on releasing new songs until I know they won’t be in the film, which is why it’s been quiet on my end for the time being, even though I’m hard at work on writing and recording new material. Stay tuned for more news and new music when it’s ready to be set free.

On another front, The Bob Cesca show premiered my music on the podcast just yesterday — “Bad Seed” from my LP ‘In Between the Spaces.’ 

Bob’s show is deeply left leaning and quite funny. Check it out, he talks about it and plays the song around the 48-minute mark.

I love that they compare the sound to Matthew Sweet and the Meat Puppets. I don’t always consciously strive to sound like certain artists (that tends to happen organically), but I find these comparisons come up quite a bit and it’s always flattering, as I’m indeed a fan of both artists. (For what it’s worth, Teenage Fanclub, Guided by Voices, R.E.M., and Bob Mould come up quite a bit, too, which always makes me swoon, to be honest as they are all gods of rock).

Bob (Cesca, not Mould) tells me he’ll be playing more of my music in the future, which is exciting because Bob is a super-cool dude who’s directed music videos for Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, and Everclear, to name a few (I’m a huge fan of all three, with Maiden being my first concert). Bob’s been focused on political commentary these days, and he’s written for Salon, HuffPo, and is the managing editor of the Daily Banter. He gave my band the Movies a few sweet breaks many years ago, so it’s good to have him as a listener and supporter again during this period, when I’m making the best music of my life. 

So that’s the news these days. I really look forward to sharing new music with you when it’s ready to drop. Until then, visit richardturgeon.com and check out my most recent LP, ‘9 Covers,’ which actually now features 10 covers (I added a new Lemonheads cut, “Into Your Arms”), and one original. And of course you can always buy digital or CD (Kool Kat Records) of my last two LPs, ‘Lost Angeles’ (2018) and ‘In Between the Spaces’ (2017). Both made a bunch of “Best of” lists you can see on the “buzz” tab on my website, along with links to interviews, reviews, and radio stations that sing their praises. 

Thanks so much for supporting my music here on Bandcamp. It’s the only place I’m currently selling my music for many reasons I explain on my blog, and it helps me make a direct connection to all of you. I can’t wait share new tunes with you as soon as I can. 

Rock on!

  • Rich